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Please ensure you wear a mask when entering the building and leaving (if you have a medical reason not to wear a mask then this is not a problem, people under the age of 11 years old do not need to wear one unless they wish too).


Once you are in the escape room itself - if you wish to remove masks this is not a problem and for your team photo as well.


Please note that we are unable to take team photos on your personal phone however our photo is added to social media for 1 week for you to tag, steal, share etc.


Hand gel is provided prior and after game.


Unfortunately we are unable to allow you to use the restroom while in the building.


Lockers are currently unavailable for use however any belongings will need to go into the game with you. (we advise that you bring the minimal amount belongings with you).


HAVE FUN! Our escape rooms are still just as enjoyable if not more, even with the above.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding you experience please contact us - [email protected]




All unnecessary props have been removed from the escape room games as well as the waiting area. This helps us to ensure all areas are kept clean and reduces cleaning time between each set of customers.


Our escape room times have changed, this is to ensure you are the only members of the public that are in the building.


We do not allow walk ins. All bookings must be pre booked.


Hand gell will be placed in the waiting room for used prior and after the game.


NO LIVE HOST. To ensure the safety of all customers we will no longer have a live host within the games. There will still be a communication method between the players and the host.




Masks will be warn by all employees while you are in the building.


No contact, if anything needs to be taken or given to customers then they will be either ready and cleaned prior to your arrival for you to collect as necessary or an open box for you to provide the items in for us to then take.


No belongings brought in by our staff.


Extra CCTV has been put in place aroud the building to ensure that staf and customers are following all guildlines.





If you have any concerns or questions regarding you experience please contact us - [email protected]